Your Guide to Visiting Washington DC

The Pentagon Washington DC

Pentagon Washington DC
    Situated on the outskirts of Washington, DC, the Pentagon is the command center for the US Defense Department. Home to the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, in addition to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this iconic, five-sided structure remains one the largest buildings on the planet in terms of office space. With more than six million square feet of floor area, it is over three times larger than the Empire State Building.
    Construction on the Pentagon was started on September 11, 1941, in response to the rapidly increasing demands for space to house the War Department just prior to World War II. It took just one year
and four months to complete at a cost of eighty-five million dollars. The structure was built with 5 concentric rings of office space that are each five stories tall. Designed using Greek and Roman classical styles of architecture, it was constructed as a city unto itself, containing banks, restaurants, bus stations, and a subway platform as well as many places to shop for the more than twenty-three thousand employees that work there today. The building and its
interior courtyard cover an area of about thirty-five acres. Though containing more than seventeen miles of corridors, the Pentagon was designed to be highly walkable, taking more than seven minutes to get from one point to any other in the complex.
    Following extensive renovations during 1990 to remove asbestos and replace plumbing and wiring, the Pentagon was deemed a national historic landmark in 1992. On September 11, 2001, sixty years after the Pentagon was dedicated, an American Airlines flight was hijacked and crashed into the building. The resulting loss of life was 189 people killed, this included fifty-nine passengers and 125 Pentagon workers as well as the five hijackers.

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